The project

We immediately recognized something in each others artwork.

The bone and wire mechanisms of Line With and Johs. Bøe´s painstaking studies of crumpled legal paper share the quality of objects withdrawing from scrutiny, insisting on their secret.

From there, we began the collaboration on an exhibition where photography, shape and movement communicate with the beholder, creating a new expression in the process.

In 2018, we showed Bones and Promises at Semmingsen art gallery in Oslo. A beautiful experience! You can see more here.

At present, we are developing the project further…


The artists

Line With is a visual artist and a designer. She takes a special interest in the overlapping of line and space, sculpture and mechanics.

Johs. Bøe has worked with photography since his studies with Irving Penn in 1981. Beside commersial work in his Oslo studio, he explores photography as registration and as artistic expression.